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Music for Midnight: Downtempo | TripHop | Ambient | Chill Out | Lounge | Independent Electronica. Curated by Austin Beeman

Aug 1, 2017

A short, but delicious podcast of music designed to put you in a tropical chillout mood.

  1. ‘Sober Driver’ by Dengue Fever.  From “Venus on Earth.”
  2. ‘Sleepwalking’ by Rookiecop.  From “Sleepwalking EP.”
  3. ‘Natures Revenge’ by Damondo.  From “Never Forget.”
  4. ‘Etna’ by Popcorn.  From “Never...

Aug 1, 2017

Sorry I've missed so many weeks between episodes, but the holidays were very busy in my 'real life.'  Here are some new artists to set your 2010 midnight off well.

  1. ‘Too Lonely’ by Jane Silence.  From “The Ladylovely EP.”
  2. ‘Ache’ by Jane Silence.  From “The Ladylovely EP.”
  3. ‘Travelling Light’ by Adam...

Aug 1, 2017

The band Lovespirals is one of the most exciting independent artists in the downtempo electronica - lounge music space.  The sultry vocals of Anji Bee and perfectly balanced by the beautiful melodies of Ryan Lum.

All of tonight's music is from the Lovespirals album - Future Past.
Thank you Anji and Ryan!  You guys...

Aug 1, 2017

Embrace the Chill with this ultra soothing collection of podsafe music.


1.  ‘Ninna nanna’ by Pink Martini.  From “Splendor in the Grass.”

2.  ‘Watz On the Dusk Sand’ by Supercozi.  From “Chillpresso 1 – Dari Bali.”

3.  ‘Hot Rain’ by Kellyyss.  From “Moments Kept in My Soul.”

4.  ‘Wish U...

Aug 1, 2017

It days like today when I feel like I belong on a beach somewhere.  Luckily I have music like this to transport me.


1.  ‘Say Me’ by Brioskj.  From “Mirror.”

2.  ‘Sunset at Buddha’ by T. Orlando.  From “Deep House.”

3.  ‘Negroni Double’ by T. Orlando.  From “Deep House.”

4.  ‘Gymnopedie No....