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Music for Midnight: Downtempo | TripHop | Ambient | Chill Out | Lounge | Independent Electronica. Curated by Austin Beeman

Jul 30, 2017

Tonight's Mix features an eclectic collection of music that reminds me of rainy nights.

On a personal note, this is one of the most interesting episodes I've made in awhile.

1.  'Under the Rain (Bossa Mix)' by Briareus.

2.  'Enter the Rain' by Commandante Zero.

3.  'Let it Rain' by INGA.

4.  'Rain' by Chillerstadt.

5.  'Good Summer Rain' by Alyssa Hendrix.

6.  'Ketama Rain' by Manuel Wandji.


Tracks 1,3,4,5 from the Podsafe Music Network.

Track 2 from Ariel Publicity.

Track 6 from IODA Promonet.