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Music for Midnight: Downtempo | TripHop | Ambient | Chill Out | Lounge | Independent Electronica. Curated by Austin Beeman

Jul 30, 2017

A full extra-long episode featuring podsafe superstar Vanessa Daou.


1.  'How Do You Feel' from "Slow to Burn"

2.  'Passed' from "Dear John Coltrane"

3.  'Make Believe' from "Plutonium Glow"

4.  'Mess Around' from "Make You Love"

5.  'Peculiar' from "Plutonium Glow"

6.  'Solitaire' from "Head Music"

7.  'A Thousand Licks' from "Dear John Coltrane"

8.  'Near the Black Forest' from "Zipless"

9.  'Zero G' from "Plutonium Glow"

10.  'Two to Tango' from "Slow to Burn"

11.  'Once in a While' from "Joe Sent Me"

12.  'Heart of Wax' from "Joe Sent Me"

All of tonight's music is from IODA Promonet.