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Music for Midnight: Downtempo | TripHop | Ambient | Chill Out | Lounge | Independent Electronica. Curated by Austin Beeman

Aug 1, 2017

It days like today when I feel like I belong on a beach somewhere.  Luckily I have music like this to transport me.


1.  ‘Say Me’ by Brioskj.  From “Mirror.”

2.  ‘Sunset at Buddha’ by T. Orlando.  From “Deep House.”

3.  ‘Negroni Double’ by T. Orlando.  From “Deep House.”

4.  ‘Gymnopedie No. 1’ by Stephen Sakano.  From “God Save the Chill – Sound Del Mar.”

5.  ‘Alone’ by Andreas Josifovski.  From “Alone.”

6.  ‘Sun Chaser’ by Zen Lemonade.  From “Chillpresso 1 – Dari Bali.”